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If you are looking to start a business, build your business’ profits or take your business to the next level, then it all starts with getting more clients.  If you really want to make a difference in your business, there is no way around it…. you must be using internet marketing.  Marketing is the life-blood of any business and is an absolute must even in times of down economies.  And there is no better way to leverage the power of marketing, than through the internet.

The quickest and easiest way to get more clients is to have the support and assistance of internet marketing professionals that will ensure you get the right marketing done, at the right time, and targeted at the right audience. At Absolute Marketing Profits, we’ve helped many organizations  to improve their business, attract more clients, and increase their profits in a simple, effective, practical way that cuts through the hype.

AMP offers a variety of internet marketing services to help you and your business succeed so you too can have the absolute marketing profits you deserve! AMP provides internet marketing solutions designed so you get more clients, increased profits and the business results you want. Service offerings include Executive Coaching, Internet Marketing Training via the AMP University, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Management.

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AMP Reputation Management and Marketing

How would you like to say “good bye” to negative online reviews and “hello” to a 5 star reputation that pre-sells your business like CRAZY! 

The fact is, if you are doing business, you can’t survive without positive reviews. And if you are not showing up in the search engines in ways that support your business, then you are unfortunately turning away business to your competition and leaving money on the table.

Long gone are the days were it was enough to just establish your online presence.  And now gone are the days where you can simply “manage” your reputation. No ordinary reputation will do. Your business needs and deserves an untouchable reputation; A reputation that will serve as a key asset for your business and will command the authority, trust, respect, and likability your customers/clients/ and patients crave to see.

As the internet grows and technology progresses, protecting your business brand may seem like a difficult task. But your not alone. With the help of a professional online reputation manager you can change your current reputation and proactively build a positive reputation for your business that you can be proud of.

Our AMP Reputation Management and Marketing Programs are designed specifically for busy small or independent businesses that are looking for professional level marketing support. When you join anyone of our programs you’ll receive:

Red Check BulletDominate your competition and be the indisputable market leader in your industry –  With a 5 star reputation and AMP by your side, you will be able to dominate your market by building your branding and your reputation across all the major  review sites, enabling your business to be seen as the indisputable market leader in your industry

Red Check BulletPre-sell your customers, clients, and guests like crazy Everyone looks at reviews now before making purchases and by having a 5 star reputation in your industry, your business will stand out from the crowd as the most popular, most trusted, and best choice.

Red Check BulletDon’t be embarrassed anymore… minimize negative reviews on Google and get a fresh start Issues with negative reviews on Google can be challenging to remove.  With AMP, we can minimize this damage by helping to gather more positive reviews and limiting negative reviews from ever showing up, thereby offsetting the balance of positive reviews in your business’s favor.

Red Check BulletTake control of your online reputation forever Prevent future reputation issues from tarnishing your business’s hard earned reputation. With AMP’s proprietary approach and technology to reputation management and marketing, we put you in control of your online image, with your very own review portal. Now for the first time ever, your online reputation is in your control.

Get more clients with a 5 star reputation! Find out how to become your industry leader with AMP’s Reputation Management and Marketing 


AMP SEO Evolution: Search Engine Optimization

You cannot afford to be in business, and not participate on the internet.  And once you are on the Internet , the only question that really matters is, are you going to be found or is your competition? In the new world, the mantra is rankings, rankings, rankings.  In order to take advantage of the internet, and to be found, you must be ranked in the search engines on page 1. Unfortunately, unless you know a VP at Google, the only way to do that is via search engine optimization.  But don’t fret, we can help you evolve and dominate the search engines with our SEO Evolution Programs.

Whether you are a brick and mortar store or an online retailer, AMP’s SEO solutions are designed to fit your business’s exact needs.  Programs are customizable for every type and size of business. We have 6 different types of SEO packages to choose from:

  • Starter – Our starter package is ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses making their first venture online or brand new sites.
  • Local – Our local package works great for local and regional businesses with nearby markets
  • National – Our national package is excellent for medium size businesses and large scale enterprises with larger markets
  • E-Commerce – Our e-commerce package is right for online retailers that have many products in their inventory
  • Online Reputation Marketing – Our online reputation marketing package that is perfect for getting your site ranked in the search engines  with a 5 star reputation. Eliminate negative reviews, proactively market your reputation and gain the trust and authority as your market’s leader
  • Custom – Our packages are also fully customizable to exactly meet your business needs. Contact us today to get started.

When you join any of our SEO programs; you’ll have the benefits of a dedicated search engine expert and SEO Account Manager at your side to help you determine the best SEO strategy, ease you through the process, manage all your account’s activities and personally oversee many of the campaign efforts.

Our AMP SEO Evolution Programs are designed specifically to rank your business in the search engines, help you convert leads, so you ultimately get more clients and succeed in your business.

Red Check BulletGet more clients by generating targeted, high quality leads that convert and earn your business profits

Red Check BulletGet brand recognition and position yourself as the go-to business in your industry

Red Check BulletLower your overall marketing costs by  specifically targeting your market  that is actively searching for your goods and services; while also measuring and tracking all your results

Red Check BulletPre-sell your clients, customers will high rankings and Google social proof bump

Red Check BulletAchieve expert status and position your business as the authority in your industry

Get more clients! Discover the easiest way to dominate your market with AMP’s SEO Evolution Programs

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AMP University: Internet Marketing Training

The Internet has revolutionized the ways the world does business.  Let’s face it, the rules for business have simply been rewritten. The dramatic shifts in business have shifted from traditional media to more complex, ever-evolving interactive strategies that offer immediate, measurable results. If you are not already on the Internet, then you need to catch up!  And if you already here, you need to keep up with this ever changing platform.

The AMP University Internet Marketing Training is the  industry’s leading marketing program providing business owners and marketing professionals with unparalleled training and credentials. Our flexible online training programs cover everything from Marketing Basics to all areas of digital marketing, including Search Engine OptimizationWeb Analytics, Sales ConversionSocial Media Marketing, or Pay Per Click Advertising, and more.

Our Elite Training Program will empower you or your business to innovate web marketing strategies that will maximize your marketing efforts and produce real world results.

Red Check BulletDrive more traffic to your site and get more clients with advanced search engine marketing techniques that will enhance organic and paid search results so you maximize your promotional dollars

Red Check BulletPromote your company, your clients or yourself through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, or Pay Per Click Advertising, and other internet marketing tools

Red Check BulletConvert more leads into sales and generate repeat business with advanced knowledge in Web Analytics and Sales Conversion

Red Check BulletAdapt the best practices of our leading industry experts for use in your own online business

Get more clients! Learn anywhere, anytime, with our Elite Training Program

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Get the Social Media Edge with AMP

Are you ready for the next revolution? Is your business prepared? The social media revolution is coming! With over 845 million people on Facebook, 200 million on Twitter, and 100 million on LinkedIn, it’s obvious that social media has the spotlight, and folks – it’s not stepping out any time soon. Social media now makes up a significant amount of all internet traffic. It’s where people find their news and entertainment. It’s where consumers go to find products, services, and brands. It’s where customers share their experiences. It’s where the world converges and the people connect.

In short, social media offers a direct, streamlined path right to your target audience, and it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Our AMP Social Media Programs are designed specifically to help you with everything you and your business needs to manage your social media strategy. When you join any of our programs; you’ll have the benefits of a dedicated team of social media experts at your disposal to help you:

Red Check BulletGenerate targeted leads and get more clients so that at the end of the day, your marketing efforts really pay off

Red Check BulletGet the competitive edge in your industry by being at the forefront of the latest trends so you are not only prepared for what’s next, but positioned to be the innovation leader

Red Check BulletDeliver your social media brand  to your target clients so you become the most recognized player in your industry

Red Check BulletEngage in customer service and feedback, at a  personal level so your customers are always treated as if they were customer number 1.

Red Check BulletManage your online reputation, so you don’t just join the conversation about your business, you drive it… ensuring the buzz is always positive and truthful

Social media: It’s simple, accessible, affordable, scalable, and effective – everything a business could possibly want in a marketing solution. 

Get the Edge today with our Ignition, Stealth Edge, Extreme Edge, Maximum or Ultimate Edge Social Media Programs!

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AMP Coaching Programs

Do you want to get more clients, more sales, and more profits? Does all this marketing just seem too confusing, and all of your efforts just feel too scattered?  Do you feel like you don’t even know what is working anymore? Now, you never have to worry about not knowing what to do next or worse yet… going it all alone. That’s right!

Our AMP Coaching Programs are designed specifically for busy small or independent businesses that are looking for professional level marketing support. When you join anyone of our programs; whether its our Inner Circle, Mastermind, or VIP you’ll receive:

Red Check Bullet Clear answers to your toughest business and marketing questions so you always know what to focus on and what to do next

Red Check Bullet Tons of ideas and useful advice to get more clients, more sales, and more profits.  Plus all the techniques you need to give you that extra edge over your competition so you can leave them in the dust for good

Red Check BulletTricks, tips, and secrets of the pros so you can easily get a grip on all of this seemingly murky marketing stuff

Red Check BulletReal deal information and advice that cuts through all the bull and won’t make you feel like some manipulative” “sleazy” marketer

Red Check BulletStrategies and tactics to approach your business in a systematic way so you get consistent, repeatable results that help you run your business on autopilot!

The easiest way to true success is through the results of others. Don’t waste your time anymore creating everything from scratch, throwing your money away on advertising that doesn’t work, when you can profit instead by taking advantage of the hard won efforts of those who have gone before you.

Get more clients! Join one of our  AMP Coaching Programs today!

Take your business to the next level. Learn more about how you can get more clients with AMP’s simple, effective, and practical internet marketing services, Executive Coaching, Internet Marketing Training , and Social Media Marketing Management.

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